21 Day Fitness Challenge

This is an ONLINE GUIDE 21 Day Fitness Challenge which also have clickable video demonstration for each workout. This 21 Day Fitness Challenge will focus on targeting belly fat and getting you nice lean muscle for your upper body & lower body. You can do this 21 Day Fitness Challenge right from your own home.

How to Enter:


Purchase the 21 Day Fitness Challenge. Start your transformation process!

Day 1 Photo

Take your Day 1 progress photos (front, back and side) holding a white sheet of paper with the start date of the challenge clearly displayed.


Everybody is a winner who completes my 21 day fitness challenge! You will be rewarded with website discounts, free supplements and more! Anybody with mind blowing results from my 21 day challenge will win cash prizes.

Day 30 photo

Take your Day 21 progress photos (front, back and side) holding a white sheet of paper with the end date of the challenge clearly displayed.


Submit your transformation photos, and a short explanation of any mental transformation you’ve experienced (both mental and physical progress will be considered to win) via email to results@theanthonybrown.com


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Who Can Do My 21 Day Fitness Challenge:

Men & Women can do this challenge

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LIVE VIDEO demonstrationS:

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The Message

this challenge is not only going to help your body but also affect your mind to stay discipline and determined through this process. 

never satisfied, always hungry.

Anthony Brown